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Mike – I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for helping me pass my 6. What a relief it was to see on the computer after I clicked the submit button (the longest 10 seconds of my life) that I PASSED! After unsuccessful attempts before, I knew I needed to pass or my career was in jeopardy. At 25, with no investment experience and an undergraduate degree in nothing related to finance, I struggled greatly. Everything I read in my Series 6 textbook seemed just like words on a page with no meaning. Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated. After contacting you and completing numerous tutoring sessions, I was able to grasp the information that I struggled with for so long and ultimately, I passed the exam on 4/18/13 with a score of 89% (an increase of 29 points from my last failed attempt!) So Mike, THANK YOU for all you did to help me PASS my 6, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Heather - Newark, Delaware



​Hello Michael,

Thank You for your coaching help on the series 6 with your help I was able to better understand and to be better prepare for the exam. And the best part is I passed the first time and with a 96%!

Take Care



I enjoyed working with Michael while studying for the Series 7 Exam. We focused on taxation and options, two areas which I found difficult prior to the tutoring. He thoroughly explained the concepts and now I have a much better understanding of the material related to taxation and options. With some hard work and Michael'€™s help, I passed with a score of 93%. I would recommend Series 7 Exam Tutor and Michael to anyone who needs assistance with the material on the series 7.

Jim - Salisbury, North Carolina "


Mike, what a relief to know that I passed the series 6 test and learned a lot along the way. Your tutoring really helped me delve into material that was new and unfamiliar. With the studying we did together I really felt like a team and the results speak for themselves. Anyone can pick up a book but your help allowed me to pass the series 6 test that I admittedly failed the first time I took it. You really made a difference for me and my career. Thank you so much.


Jamie - Horsham, PA



​After 2 failed attempts to completing the Series 6 exam and with my job on the line, I knew I needed help. After checking into several tutoring options on line the only person who truly seemed passionate about helping me was Mike. We had several sessions via SKYPE and the knowledge and patience that Mike offered me was truly priceless.  

 I passed the Series 6 on November 5, 2012. I could not have done it with out the help of Michael Weis. 


Thank you Mike for all of your help, I really appreciate the time you spent helping me understand the concepts I was struggling with.  


I couldn't have done it without you!  

Lisa- State College, PA






​Working with Michael helped me go from failing the Series 7 by just one point to passing with a 90% in a few short weeks! Needless to say, I was very frustrated after my initial failure, but he was incredibly patient and helpful in explaining the topics I was struggling with such as bonds and taxes. With his help, I was able to really develop an understanding of the vast amount of information on the exam and reach a successful end result. Being able to discuss the concepts face-to-face through live video was critical for me to understand the information more in depth to prepare for the test. My tutoring sessions with Michael were invaluable! 


Elena - Dallas, Texas


I recently took and passed the Series 6 exam. There were several concepts I didn't understand or could not remember due to the amount of information, Michael helped me a lot by giving me ''tricks'' on how to remember and also by giving examples I could apply in the real world. Michael is very knowleageble and very patient, this was important for me because English is my second language and I had difficulty even with some of the ''basic'' terms. Thank You Michael! :)

Giovanna, Miami, Florida

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